Civil Litigation

Legal services are offered in the following areas:

Civil litigation between individuals
Civil litigation between individuals and businesses
Commercial litigation

Taking the Fight to the Courtroom

O ur American judicial system allows individuals and businesses to take their civil disputes with others to the courtroom for a decision by a judge or a jury. The subject matter of the civil dispute between parties is usually one affecting people‚Äôs lives or involving business transactions.

A client starts the litigation process with the filing of a lawsuit in court. Thereafter, the process of the development of the case for trial begins. When the case is presented at trial, the judge will usually make the decision as to who wins, unless either party decides that a jury should make the decision.

The success in finding the solution depends primarily on perseverance in court and out of court, as well as teamwork between the attorney and client. With this fundamental concept, Daniel Ramirez has achieved success in the majority of his cases throughout his career.

Daniel Ramirez represents individual clients and businesses in civil litigation disputes from the filing of the lawsuit through a trial.


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